Ex-Engineers Sue Elon Musk For Anti-Woman Culture in SpaceX

Eight engineers have sued SpaceX and its CEO Elon Musk, alleging they were illegally fired for raising harassment concerns about women at the company.

The group, consisting of four women and four men, claims Musk ordered their dismissal in 2022 after they circulated a letter criticizing him as a “distraction and embarrassment” and urging executives to disavow his sexually charged social media comments. 

Lawsuit Accuses SpaceX of Sexist Culture

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles state court, accuses Musk of fostering a “pervasively sexist culture” at SpaceX.

The lawsuit alleges that the female engineers were routinely harassed and their complaints were ignored from the superiors.

The lawsuit was filed the same day the Wall Street Journal reported allegations about Musk’s inappropriate relationships with employees.

SpaceX Justified Firings

SpaceX has denied any wrongdoing, stating the 2022 letter was disruptive and that the firings were for policy violations.

The engineers’ lawsuit accuses SpaceX and Musk of retaliation, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and sex discrimination, seeking unspecified damages in return.

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