SpaceX Recovers Rocket Debris That Fell On Farmland in Canada

SpaceX has recovered rocket debris that fell on Canadian Saskatchewan farmland in April, the CBC reported.

Barry Sawchuk made news earlier this year when a large piece of space junk hit his field.

On Tuesday, SpaceX employees visited his farm near Ituna, Sask., northeast of Regina, to collect the debris and was successful in doing so. 

Farmer Was Contacted By SpaceX

Sawchuk said SpaceX contacted him to retrieve the pieces for analysis, aiming to understand why they didn’t burn up upon re-entry.

Sawchuk did not disclose the amount he was compensated but expressed satisfaction, noting the funds will support a new community skating rink.  

SpaceX Employees Declined To Identify

The two SpaceX employees who collected the debris declined to identify themselves or speak to the media.

The debris originated from a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft that returned to Earth in February with four passengers from the International Space Station.

Sawchuk mentioned that five farmers have found at least eight pieces of space debris in the area.

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