Man Find Out His Kidnapped Son Was in His Basement on Live TV

Father who appeared on a live TV show to plead for the release of his son came out as the penetrator when he was told that his son was found in the basement of his house.

In 2014, Bothuell IV reported his 12-year-old son, Charles Bothuell V, missing and appeared on major news outlets to seek help.

However, during a live interview on HLN, host Nancy Grace received breaking news that the boy had been found in Bothuell IV’s basement.

Bothuell Was Found Guilty

During the interview, Grace repeatedly asked Bothuell IV if he had checked his basement, to which he replied that multiple searches had been conducted by himself and the authorities.

Despite these claims, the boy was indeed discovered hiding in the basement. Subsequent investigations revealed that Charles Bothuell V had never actually been missing.

Instead, he had been hiding from his father and stepmother, Monique Dillard-Bothuell as he feared punishment for not completing an exercise regimen imposed by his father.

Bothuell IV received 18 months of probation, mandatory anger management classes, and lost custody of his son. He is also prohibited from contacting him.

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