Why is Russia Arresting Its Own Physicists For Treason?

Why the Russian government is arresting its own physicists remains the comprehension of many in the West.

The phenomenon is not strictly related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but rather it dates back to 2015.

So far, the intelligence services have arrested more than 12 physicists responsible for putting the hypersonic weapons at work.

According to the BBC, three out of dozen have already died in custody but the mystery remains. 

Russia Arresting Physicists

The Russian government accuses the physicists of sharing state secrets with foreign governments.

Media and news organizations are not being allowed to cover the trials as they take place behind closed doors.

No one knows what goes behind and what charges the physicists are facing.

Russia accuses the physicists of sharing hypersonic technology with foreign states

One colleague of the scientists told the BBC that the Russian intelligence thinks any collaboration with foreign educational institutes or contributing to foreign journals is treason.

The arrests could cause a problem for Moscow as more and more scientists working on critical weapons might run away fearing for their own safety.

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