Hiker Discovers Artificial Pipe Feeding China’s Tallest WaterfallChina’s tallest waterfallHiker Discovers Artificial Pipe Feeding China’s Tallest Waterfall

A hiker posted a video showing that water from China’s Yuntai Mountain waterfall was actually flowing from a pipe built into the rock face.

The video has garnered over 70,000 likes since its Monday posting and has even sparked an official response from the public water body.

The video has been shared widely and has sparked a fresh controversy as many condemned it to be disrespectful to nature and the tourists.

Criticism And Support

The video was criticized and¬†supported by many on Chinese social media. Park officials assured that the spring water used to maintain the waterfall’s flow would not harm the natural landscape.

Many social media users said that the pipes were not a bad idea as people would be disappointed if they end up seeing nothing there. However, there was also criticism.

One Weibo user wrote that the pipes were disrespectful to both the natural order and the tourists who visited the site in millions each year.

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