Couple Finds Safe Containing $100K in Cash While Magnet Fishing

A New York City couple got the surprise of a lifetime while magnet fishing in Queens when it discovered a safe containing about $100,000.

James Kane and Barbi Agostini were at Flushing Meadows Corona Park last Friday when they used a powerful magnet to pull a safe out of a stream.

Upon opening it, they found bundles of water-damaged $100 bills totaling around $100,000.

Police Allowed Couple To Keep Money

This wasn’t the couple’s first time retrieving a safe, but it was their first to contain such a significant amount of money.

They contacted the New York Police Department to report their find, suspecting it might be linked to illegal activity.

However, the NYPD couldn’t connect the safe to any crime due to the poor condition of the money and the lack of identification or clues about its origin.

As a result, the police allowed Kane and Agostini to keep the money.

Their next step is to take the fragile bills to the Treasury Department in Washington, D.C., in hopes of having them reconstructed.

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