World War 2 Era US Submarine Wreckage Finally Discovered

The wreckage of a US Navy submarine has been discovered after 80 years in the South China sea.

The submarine named the USS Harder, sunk during the second world war, was found 3,000 feet (914 meters) underwater off the northern island of Luzon in the Philippines.

According to the official record, the battleship sunk along with 79 of its crew members during a naval firefight on August 29, 1944.

Submarine Sunk The Most Japanese Warships

The official records suggest that the USS Harder, believed to have sunk the most Japanese warships during World War Two.

In one of its final missions, it sank three Japanese destroyers and severely damaged two others over a span of four days, according to the US Navy’s History and Heritage Command (NHHC). 

Harder Won The War For The US

The continued damage to the Japanese fleet forced them to alter their battle strategies and delay their carrier force, defeating them eventually.

The USS Harder, with the motto “Hit ’em harder,” was located by the Lost 52 Project, which aims to find the 52 US submarines lost during World War Two.

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