Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacker Sentenced To 30 Years in Prison

The attacker of former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The attacker, identified as David DePape, fractured Paul Pelosi’s skull and caused other minor injuries.

The convict, a Canadian citizen, went into Paul’s house looking for Nancy Pelosi but attacked her husband with a hammer when she was not available in the house. 

Prosecutors Asked For 40 Years

According to the BBC, the prosecutors had asked the judge to give 40 years to DePape as he attacked a member of the Federal government.

Mrs. Pelosi also urged the court to give a “very long” sentence for DePape, because the event was so traumatic that the couple could’ even discuss it after 18 months. 

What Happened?

The assault was recorded on the Police’s body cam who arrived at Pelosi’s house after receiving a call.

Both DePape and Mr. Pelosi were seen holding a hammer while the police told the suspect to drop the weapon.

The video ends as DePape hits Mr. Pelosi on the head, dropping him down.

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