US Tourist Facing 12-Year Prison After Ammo Found in Luggage

An American tourist from Oklahoma was arrested and could face up to 12 years in prison for carrying ammunition in the British oversea island of Turks and Caicos.

Ryan and his wife Valerie Watson were detained for two weeks during their visit to the island for Ryan’s 40th birthday trip on April 7. 

Wife Charges Dropped

The trouble began when hunting ammunition was found in Ryan’s luggage at the airport before their departure.

Under Turks and Caicos law, possessing guns or ammunition carries strict penalties, including a minimum 12-year prison term.

While Valerie’s charges were dropped on April 22, Ryan remains in custody pending a bail hearing on April 24. 

From Vacation To A Nightmare

Valerie described their experience as starting from “a dream vacation to a nightmare.”

Speaking to CBS News from Turks and Caicos before her release, she expressed shock, saying they had no intention of bringing ammunition on their trip.

Ryan admitted the error was a “bonehead mistake,” emphasizing that he was unaware of the ammunition’s presence in his bag.

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