Columbia Cancels Physical Classes As Mideast Tensions Grow

Columbia University has canceled in-person classes due to protests at US college campuses over Middle East tensions.

The university said in a statement that in-person classes were canceled due to the situation at Yale University where police officers arrested about 45 during protests.

Protests At Yale University

According to CNN, the police said that all those arrested were involved in misdemeanor trespassing.

Previously, the police arrested more than 100 demonstrators at Columbia University campus for invoking antisemitism calls.

The Yale Daily News reported that the police warned the protestors prior to being arrested later.

Why Are Students Protesting?

The students have been holding protests on the campus for days, opposing Israeli military action in Gaza.

Students have called on the administration to boycott companies which “profit from Israeli apartheid.”

Protests are expected to continue as the issue has already inflated into a national issue.

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