1 Billion People Under Threat From Russia’s Undersea Warfare

The deputy commander of NATO’s Allied Maritime Command (Marcom) said that Russia is endangering the lives of one billion people across Europe and North America by targeting undersea infrastructure.

V Adm Didier Maleterre said Russia is deploying new tactics to target underwater cables and pipes which are critical for the survival of the European economy.

Hybrid War Undersea

“We know the Russians have developed a lot of hybrid warfare under the sea to disrupt the European economy, through cables, internet cables, pipelines,” Mr. Maleterre said.

He warned that the critical undersea infrastructure can’t withstand “hybrid warfare” being pursued by Russia and other enemies.

NATO Doing Everything To Protect Seas

Mr. Maleterre said NATO was doing everything in its capacity to avoid the collapse of the European economy by deterring Russia’s sabotage attempts.

He said Marcom is using Artificial Intelligence software along with satellites to detect any suspicious activity in the sea.

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