Iran Attacks Israel With More Than 300 Missiles & Drones

In a highly anticipated and surprising move, Iran has attacked Israel with more than 300 missiles and drones.

Israeli defense systems shot down the majority of the projectiles, the Israeli defense minister said in a press conference.

US President Joe Biden said the US military helped Israel take down all the missiles that could have caused devastation inside Israel.

IRGC Responsible

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps accepted responsibility for orchestrating the attack in response to Israel’s attack on Iran’s consulate.

Israeli Defense Forces said some of the missile launches came from Iraq and Yemen where Iran has activated its proxies to attack US troops.

The IRGC said it launched attacks “in retaliation against the Zionist regime’s [Israel] repeated crimes, including the attack on the Iranian embassy’s consulate in Damascus”.

World Condemns Strikes

The western world condemns Iran’s attack on Israel warning Iran with severe consequences.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned Iran’s attack, urging severe consequences.

The US President convened a National Security meeting to respond diplomatically to Iran’s attack.

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