Biden Urged To Ban Chinese Electric Vehicles

President Joe Biden faces mounting pressure to block imports of Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) into the US.

Senator Sherrod Brown called the introduction of Chinese electric vehicles as an “existential threat” to the American auto industry.

Senator Brown’s remarks are the strongest stance taken by any US lawmaker on this issue, advocating either an import ban or steep tariffs to curb Chinese EVs’ entry into the US market.

White House Initiates Investigation

In response, the White House initiated an investigation in February to assess whether Chinese cars pose a national security risk.

Senator Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, a major car-producing state, emphasized in a video on social media that China’s “government-backed cheating” should not harm the American auto industry.

Biden Voiced Concerns

President Biden also voiced concerns in February, warning against China flooding the US market with vehicles that could compromise national security through data collection capabilities.

Meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen cautioned against a repeat of the early 2000s “China shock,” when Chinese imports decimated the American market.

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