US Man Sues 50 Women Who All Claimed He Was A Bad Date

A man from California has sued 50 women who called him a “bad date” on a Facebook dating page.

According to the New York Post, Stewart Lucas Murrey initiated legal action, seeking $2.6 million in damages, after they labeled him a ”bad date” and sent screenshots of him on a Facebook group.

Kelly Gibbons, who connected with Murrey via a dating app said that Mr. Murrey was impolite during their initial phone conversation in February 2022, urging other members to avoid him.

Facebook Posts Damages Murray’s Reputation

Following the viral posts, Mr. Murrey filed lawsuits, naming Ms. Gibbons as the main defendant.

He claimed the women spread various falsehoods, such as associating him with murder suspicions and multiple domestic violence charges.

Mr. Murrey argued that the Facebook posts harmed his love life, tarnished his reputation, and caused significant financial losses due to missed job opportunities.

Additionally, Mr. Murray also launched a GoFundMe campaign for his legal battle, garnering support from other men.

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