AI-Operated Jet Will Fly Air Force Secretary in A Test Flight

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall told senators on Tuesday that he will fly an AI-operated fighter jet to see how such systems will work in the future.

The United States Air Force is prioritizing its crew to replace its autonomous weapon systems to avoid casualties, he told the senators.

Air Force Secretary To Test AI-Flight

The Air Force Secretary said he will be accompanied by a pilot who will monitor the autonomous technology while none of them will intervene to fly the aircraft.

The reports don’t mention when this test is going to take place but the intense research undertaken suggests this may happen in a few years.

Drones or Fighter Jets

The reports also failed to mention whether or not the jets will be full-size warplanes or something smaller, like drones.

The massive decrease in costs suggests something smaller and more lethal.

“The current goal is to have each cost about a quarter to a third of what an F-35 fighter costs now, or about $20 million apiece,” the Associated Press reported.

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