Treasure Hunter Unearths England’s Largest Gold Nugget

Richard Brock, a 67-year-old treasure hunter, recently uncovered England’s largest-ever gold nugget, weighing 64.8 grams, near Much Wenlock village in Shropshire.

Dubbed ‘Hiro’s Nugget’ after Brock’s wife, this remarkable find has captured widespread attention due to its rarity and substantial size.

The nugget, valued between £30,000 and £40,000, was auctioned on April 1 under the name ‘Hiro’s Nugget’, but remained unsold.

Brock’s Journey

Brock encountered several challenges during his excavation.

Despite arriving late and experiencing technical issues with his metal detector, he persisted with outdated equipment.

Describing the moment of discovery to BBC, Brock recalled, “At first, I just found a few rusty old tent pegs with this backup detector which had a fading screen display.

But after only 20 minutes of scanning the ground, I found this nugget buried about five or six inches down in the ground.”

According to Brock’s findings, the only larger gold nuggets unearthed in the UK were found in Wales and Scotland.

The unearthing of ‘Hiro’s Nugget’ enriches England’s gold discoveries, joining other notable nuggets in Wales and Scotland.

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