Israel Vows To Shut Down Al Jazeera After Bill Passes Knesset

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to shut down Qatari news agency Al Jazeera for provocative coverage of the recent war in Gaza.

Netanyahu’s spokesperson said to the Prime Minister that the parliament will ratify the new law.

Israeli leaders have consistently blamed the Qatari news agency for provocative coverage that is against Israel’s national interests.

The Al Jazeera news network has not responded to Israel’s decision

Israel To Take Action Against Al Jazeera

Since October 7, Al Jazeera has been actively covering Israel’s war in Gaza that has resulted in thousands of deaths.

Israeli leadership, specifically the ruling Lukid party, has been irritated by Al Jazeera’s coverage but has fallen short of taking any action.

Political experts believe the decision to ban the news network is a tactic to pressurize Qatar to crack down on Hamas leadership currently based in Doha.

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