500 High-Tech Cameras To Be Installed in Oakland To Fight Crime

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Friday that his administration will deploy 500 high-technology surveillance cameras in Oakland to fight crime.

The cameras will give security officials details about suspected vehicles and their details, the Associated Press wrote.

Surveillance Cameras in Oakland

The AP reported that the California Highway Patrol has contracted with Flock Safety to install 480 cameras that can detect minute details of suspected individuals and vehicles.

The cameras can “identify and track vehicles by license plate, type, color and even decals and bumper stickers,” Governor Newsom said.

Crime is Booming

Multiple reports have surfaced showing an impressive decrease in violent crime in major states of the US except Oakland.

CNN reported in February that almost everyone in the city has a gun, forcing medical professionals to label “gun violence as a public health crisis”.

Critics suggest that the installation of cameras interferes with the public’s right to privacy, which will lead to abuse against marginalized communities.

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