Harvard University Removing Human Skin Binding From Book

Harvard University will remove the binding made of human skin from a 19th-century book held in its library.

The University has taken the step to remove the human skin binding from a 19th-century book, “Des Destinées de l’Ame” (Destinies of the Soul), housed in its library since the 1930s.

Scientists confirmed in 2014 that the book’s cover material was indeed human skin.

Book was written in the mid-1880s by Arsène Houssaye

Book is 140 Years Old

As per historical records, the ancient book is approximately 140 years old and was written in the mid-1880s by Arsène Houssaye.

The decision to remove the binding comes due to ethical concerns regarding the book’s origin and history.

According to experts, the book delves into reflections on the soul and life after death.

It was reportedly bound with skin from an unclaimed female patient by Dr. Ludovic Bouland, a friend of the author.

Harvard University emphasized the need for respectful treatment of human remains, pledging to explore ways to honor the dignity of the woman whose skin was used.

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