Group of Seven Chinese Hackers Charged For Hacking Millions in US

Seven Chinese nationals have been charged for a widespread cyber campaign against thousands of victims.

The US Justice Department and FBI unveiled charges against seven Chinese nationals on Monday, alleging their involvement in a massive cyber-attack targeting US officials and businesses.

The suspects sustained the cyber operation for 14 years and hacked into millions of accounts across multiple continents.

China Backed Operation

The accused hackers allegedly sent over 10,000 malicious emails, affecting thousands of victims globally, in what officials described as a “prolific global hacking operation” backed by the Chinese government.

FBI Director Christopher Wray condemned China’s cybersecurity efforts, vowing to pursue those threatening US national security.

Who Did Hackers Target?

According to US prosecutors, the hackers compromised work accounts, personal emails, and online storage using disguised emails containing tracking links.

This information enabled further targeted hacking, including compromising home routers and electronic devices.

The targets included US government officials, foreign dissidents, and various industries, including defense contractors and telecommunications.

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