French President Macron Flexes Political Muscle With Boxing Photos

The French President posted images of himself punching a bag with his arm muscles bulging out.

The black and white images posted by Macron come amid rising tensions with Russia as both countries exchanged harsh words.

The images have invoked mixed reactions from the public, with many on social media calling it a political stunt.

Show of Force

The timing of the images raised many eyebrows in Europe as just days ago; the President threatened to respond to any nuclear escalation from Russia.

After Russian President Vladamir Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons if NATO deployed troops in Ukraine, Macron said France was ready to take on challenges.

Images Criticized

While the photos did invoke strength and power, many in France speculated if the images were real.

Many on social media were certain that the images were indeed enhanced to make the President’s biceps look bigger.

The French daily newspaper Le Figaro mentioned that the “pose seems advantageous” but it had “aroused much mockery”.

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