Two Top US Generals Say Afghanistan Was A Strategic Failure

Two top US generals who led the US withdrawal from Afghanistan testified in front of Congress about the Afghan war.

The two top generals, Mark Milley and Gen Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, who oversaw the US chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, said the Afghan war was a strategic mistake.

The testimony exposes the disagreements the military leadership had with the Biden administration over the conduct of war in Afghanistan.

Biden Admin Responsible

The top two US generals, Mark Milley, who served as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the last years of the Afghan war, blamed the Biden administration for the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The former commander of US Central Command, retired Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, also testified about the loopholes in the military decision-making that led to the fall of Kabul.

Milley was the nation’s top-ranking military officer at the time and had urged the US president not to withdraw 100% of the troops.

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