Heroic Bus Driver Gets Students Out Moments Before Explosion

Heroic Bus Driver Gets Students Out Moments Before Explosion

A heroic bus driver managed to save kids from a school bus moments before it exploded in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kia Rousseve’s school bus turned into a harrowing escape when the vehicle suddenly burst into flames.

A statement later shed light on the entire episode, saying the brave bus driver saved nine kids, marginally escaping from the flames of fire.

Bus Driver Traumatized

Although the bus driver was successful in rescuing all the kids, she later recounts feeling traumatized after the incident.

The incident occurred on 13 March when Rousseve had to go through half a dozen stops on her route to New Orleans’s Lafayette Academy at about 7 am.

Rousseve felt the bus was losing power and black smoke came from the front.

That’s when a girl outside caught her attention and frantically told Rousseve there was a fire underneath the bus.

Rousseve quickly grabbed each child off the bus through the front door and stepped outside waiting for help.

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