Scientists Disagree Over Earth Heating Due To Climate Change

2023 was the hottest year on record in human history, something the scientists usually attribute to increasing fossil fuel emissions.

But an increasing number of scientists now disagree that climate change is really responsible for skyrocketing temperatures.

Some believe that the current trend is due to increasing human interventions.

However, a second group of scientists disagree and suggest El Niño, a naturally occurring climate pattern associated with the warming of the Pacific Ocean.

The World Meteorological Organization secretary-general, Celeste Saulo, said El Niño contributed to making 2023 easily the warmest year on record, but the main culprit is still fossil fuels emissions.

Zeke Hausfather, a scientist at Berkeley Earth in the US, mentioned that it was accurate that surface temperatures were high, but they were still under the limits.

In conclusion, scientists need to come to a single point and sort out their disagreements as they directly impact policy making.

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