Occupied Ukraine Forced To Vote in Russian Elections

Ukrainians living under the Russian occupation are forced to vote in the upcoming Russian presidential elections accompanied by armed men.

The BBC reported that the election officials, accompanied by armed men, go door to door to encourage people to vote for a presidential candidate in occupied territories.

Ukrainian woman casting her vote in the ballot box

Ukrainians Forced To Vote

Voting for presidential candidates usually starts early in remote regions in Russia, but the process has started early for Ukrainian regions occupied by Russia.

The Ukrainian citizens don’t have to come to the polling stations to vote, but instead the polling agents go from door to door.

The Russian Elections Commission officials said the decision was made for the security of the people.

Ukraine Rejects Elections

In response, the Ukrainian government rejected the elections on its territories.

Ukrainian secret services have also targeted Russian election officials conducting polling on its territory, including a local woman working for Russian authorities.

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