Big Win For Trump As Haley Expected To Exit Presidential Race

Republican nominee Nikki Haley is expected to drop out from the Presidential race after poor performance in the primaries.

Haley reiterated that she wouldn’t exit the race because she is a woman of her word, but the Wall Street Journal report suggests that she might exit the race.

The report revealed that Mrs. Haley is expected to make a brief appearance at 10 am ET to announce her exit.

Nikki Haley Exiting

The Wall Street Journal report quoted people familiar with Nikki Haley’s plans who said the candidate is expected to pull out and allow Donald Trump to take on Joe Biden in November.

“She (Haley) will encourage Donald Trump, who is close to having the delegates needed to win the GOP nomination,” the paper claimed.

If it happens, Donald Trump will have no other Republican rival except some of the legal battles he is having at the moment.

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