Video Shows Woman Being Hoisted Into Air By Shop Shutters

Anne Hughes, now dubbed ‘SuperAnne’ in her village, gained unexpected fame when her coat got entangled in a shop’s shutters, lifting her into the air.

The 71-year-old was patiently waiting for the shop to open when the shutters ascended, hoisting her up as her coat hooked onto the shutter of the shop.

Ms. Anne flew 7 feet above the ground when a shop worker immediately came to rescue her.

Clinging to her shopping trolley, Anne found herself dangling upside down until she was rescued by onlookers.

Local Sensation

The incident, captured on CCTV, turned Anne into a local sensation, with the shop playfully encouraging customers to “come down to Best One to get the best deals.”

While Anne has embraced her newfound fame, she humorously insists she’ll “never go against those shutters again” and is prepared to handle the unexpected celebrity status.

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