Border Patrol Union Mocks Biden’s Trip To US-Mexico Border

US President Joe Biden recently visited the US-Mexico border to emphasize the importance of border security amid a strangling aid bill in Congress.

However, the border patrol seems to have become wary of Biden’s inconsistent policies.

The National Border Patrol Council posted a fake joke about Biden’s recent visit to the border area with a [picture of Biden sleeping on the beach.

The border patrol uploaded this photo of Joe Biden on Twitter

Border Patrol Mocks Biden

Border patrol posted a photo of Joe Biden sleeping on the beach with the description saying, “Board AF1, ask who people in green uniforms were, told they ‘strap’ illegal aliens, express horror, take nap, wake up, call a lid, hit beach, take nap.”

Fox News reported that the CBP encountered more than 300,000 cases of illegal migrants in December alone, a gigantic figure clearly revealing frustrated border patrol who want stricter border regulations.

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