Why Are Biden And Trump Making Competing Trips To The US-Mexico Border?

Both former President Donald Trump and the sitting President Joe Biden have made competing trips to the US-Mexico border to highlight a crucial problem.

The border issue has become another bone of contention between the two arch-rivals.

President Joe Biden urged Donald Trump to reconsider blocking bipartisan border reforms aimed at denying the Democrats a win in the upcoming presidential elections in November.

Biden Migrant Crime

While talking to the reporters upon his visit, Trump referred to the border crisis as “Biden Migrant Crime”.

The point Mr. Trump was making is that Biden has been unsuccessful in tackling the migrant problem despite statistics clearly showing the latter’s increased detention of migrants on the border.

The term “Biden Migrant Crime” denotes Republican’s repeated claims of increasing violence and crime rate due to illegal migration, which has not been proven by anyone to this day.

The elections are due to take place in November, which will see the former contesting candidates, Trump and Biden, once again.

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