Joe Biden Wins Crucial Michigan Primary Despite Protest Vote

US President Joe Biden has won the crucial Michigan primary despite a wave of protests calling for a boycott.

Anti-war protests have worked for weeks to urge people to vote uncommitted, which thousands of protestors did.

The CBS News projection showed that Biden conformably won the primary after receiving 80% of the vote.

Why People Are Protesting

Thousands of people have rallied in the state to vote uncommitted in the primary, trying to pressure the administration to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Biden has come under no pressure despite major protests and resigns from key officials from the administration over the issue.

Biden-Trump Rematch?

So far, the results indicate a potential rematch between the 2020 presidential candidates, i.e., Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has successfully won key primaries despite facing legal problems in multiple cases.

Experts believe we may have to see yet another tough competition between the two former candidates in November.

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