New York City’s Beloved Owl Flaco Dies After Striking Building

New York City’s beloved owl, named Flaco, has died after striking a commercial building in the city.

Officials told media that the owl escaped New York City’s Central Park Zoo last year and tragically died after striking a building in Manhattan on Friday.

Flaco was New York City’s celebrity owl when it escaped the zoo back in 2023 and received considerable press attention.

Flaco Dies

Reports suggest that Flaco struck a building on West 89th Street, and the residents alerted the Wild Bird Fund (WBF).

The officials from fund immediately went to the scene where Flaco was found lying dead on the ground.

The remains were then taken to the Bronx Zoo to undergo an autopsy, the Guardian reported.

Zoo Optimistic About Arrest

The Central Park Zoo staff said they hope the culprits who vandalized Flaco’s enclosure a year ago.

The zoo blames the vandals who jeopardized Flaco’s safety by allowing it to flee.

“The vandal who damaged Flaco’s exhibit jeopardized the safety of the bird and is ultimately responsible for his death,” the statement mentioned.

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