Amazon Pays $1.9 Million to Exploited Workers in Saudi Arabia

Amazon has paid $1.9 million to exploited workers in Saudi Arabia, the Guardian reported.

The development emerged after reports of exploitation of labor workers in a warehouse of Amazon in Saudi Arabia were disclosed by media reports.

At Least 700 migrant workers were paid after a joint investigation led by the Guardian exposed unfair practices and human rights violations in the warehouse. 

Amnesty International also took notice of migrant workers abuse in Saudi Arabia (Image: Amnesty International)

700+ Migrant Workers Paid

Amazon announced in a statement that the online retail giant had paid more than 700 migrant workers around $1.9 million after reports of abuses surfaced via a joint journalistic investigation.

Forty-eight migrant workers from Nepal told the Guardian that they were falsely promised that they would work directly for Amazon, but instead, they were forced to work for Saudi labor supply firms that placed them in short-term contract jobs.

The joint report mentioned that the migrant workers have received payments, and some said they are optimistic that Amazon will pay them in a few days. 

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