Only 10% of Europeans Believe Ukraine Can Still Defeat Russia

Fresh polls have revealed that only 10% of Europeans think Ukraine can still defeat Russia in its ongoing defensive war.

The polls commissioned by the European Council on Foreign Relations showed that Europeans were desperate to prevent a Russian victory but didn’t believe that Kyiv can win militarily.

Details About The Report

The polls were conducted in 12 European Union member states, including France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

The report titled Wars and Elections: How European leaders can maintain public support for Ukraine shows a shift in sentiment in major European powers indicates a fresh approach towards settling the war once and for all, the study mentioned.

The polls came about after a fresh military defeat to the Ukrainian forces when they retreated from the town of Avdiivka.

The report mentioned that “only one in 10 Europeans across the 12 countries surveyed believed Ukraine would win on the battlefield”.

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