Man Sues lottery After Being Lied About His $340 Million Win

A man in Washington, DC, is suing a lottery after he was mistakenly hailed as a winner of a jackpot.

The Powerball lottery administration said their website mistakenly shuffled the winning combination.

John Cheeks said he purchased the ticket on 6 January and saw his numbers appearing on the website two days later.

Cheeks Told To Throw Ticket To Trash

Cheeks said when he saw his numbers appearing on the website, he didn’t do anything stupid and just went to sleep.

I just politely called a friend. I took a picture as he recommended, and that was it. I went to sleep,” he told NBC Washington.

Creeks was shocked to know that the administration denied his jackpot claim.

He was told by one of the staff members to “Just throw it in the trash can” because he was not going to get paid.

Cheeks did not discard his ticket. Instead, he put it in a safe deposit box, reached out to an attorney and sued Powerball.

Powerball lottery in response said they were conducting quality assurance testing to shuffle time zones and had to put Creek’s numbers but they were not visible to public.

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