Man Wrongly Imprisoned For 39 Years To Receive $14 Million

A Tempa man who was imprisoned for almost 4 decades on charges of murder was handed over $14 million as compensation.

Robert DuBoise spent 37 years in a Florida prison for rape and murder he denied from the beginning.

DuBoise Released After 39 Years

DuBoise was convicted on false accusations but the case didn’t go well all these years.

He was 18 years old when the news of the murder of a 19 years old girl Barbara Grams prompted investigation.

DuBoise was arrested after investigators looked into a bite mark on the victim’s cheek, which led investigators to think that it was inflicted by DuBoise.

Later, DNA tests revealed two other men to have been responsible for the murder.

DuBoise earned his release from prison in 2020 and then sued Tampa’s city government, police investigators and the forensic dentist who linked him to Grams’s body.

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