Putin Says He Prefers Joe Biden Over Donald Trump

Russian President Vladamir Putin has said that he prefers the sitting US president Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump.

During an interview, Putin expressed optimism about Biden and said the current president is more experienced in terms of how he is running the country. 

Biden is Old School

This was Putin’s first comments on the upcoming presidential elections in November.

During the interview, the host Pavel Zarubin asked Mr. Putin who was better for us (Russia), Trump or Biden?

Putin answered, without hesitation, “Biden. He is a more experienced, predictable person, a politician of the old school.”

Putin later reiterated that he will be willing to work with any president “who the American people have confidence in.”

A Change of Tone

The remarks are seen as a change of tone or a bluff from Putin’s side.

Political experts believe that Putin will wish to see President Trump take control of the country’s leadership.

Biden has openly supported Ukraine with billions of dollars’ worth of military aid, along with imposing sanctions on the Russian economy. 

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