Police Officer Dressed As Teddy Bear Arrests Drug Suspect

Police Officer Dressed As Teddy Bear Arrests Drug Suspect

A drug suspect was arrested by the police in Peru in a bizarre and yet strategic way.

A cop dressed as a teddy bear with a fake Valentine’s gift lured a drug suspect out of her house and arrested her on the spot.

The suspect was believed to be supplying drugs in the neighborhood of the capital Lima.

Cocaine Teddy Bear

Videos showed an undercover police officer waving from outside of the drug dealer’s apartment somewhere in the capital.

The officer got down on one knee with a heart-shaped balloon and a box of chocolates in his hands.

When the suspect went down to check on the stranger, the undercover officer pinned her down to the ground as she approached him.

Suspect Was Expecting Someone

The DailyMail reported that the suspect was expecting someone on Valentine’s Day.

The police may have intercepted her communication with someone close and improvised to dress one of their officers in such a way.

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