US Federal Agency Makes AI-generated Robocalls Illegal

The US agency of communication has made the use of robocalls illegal.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said all those behind malicious robocalls will be tried under the law.

The decision was announced to protect the upcoming Presidential elections from fraud and disinformation.

Decision Announced To End Fraud

Deepfakes and robocalls have become frequent in the US in recent years.

Last month, Robocalls in New Hampshire impersonated President Joe Biden, urging the citizens not to vote for him.

New Hampshire’s attorney general said two companies based in Texas were behind the calls, and the authorities have initiated a criminal investigation into the matter.

According to the FCC, the decision has opened the door for call recipients to file lawsuits and demand $1,500 (€1,392) in damages for each unwanted call.

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