Firefighter in Iconic 911 Image With Bush, Dies At 91

Retired firefighter Bob Beckwith, who became an emblematic figure in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, has died at 91.

Beckwith stood with President George W. Bush in front of the World Trade Center debris, during a powerful speech at ground zero three days after the attacks.

The image became a symbol of American resilience against the odds of terror and destruction.

Beckwith Died in Hospice Care

Philip Marcelo, Associated Press correspondent, wrote that the forearm firefighter was in hospice care when he died late sunday.

Beckwith was 69 years old when the President asked him to stand by his side as he delivered a rousing speech to emergency responders three days after the 9/11 attacks.

Beckwith’s wife Barbara Beckwith said her husband helped President Bush get up on the tuck.

President Bush with Bob Beckwith

President asked Beckwith to stay with him, “You’re going to be right here with me”, Bush told him.

The former President George Bush expressed condolences, noting Beckwith’s courage and resilient spirit in the wake of September terrorist attacks.

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