New Mexico Man Pleads Guilty of Shooting At Democrats Homes

A man in New Mexico has pleaded guilty to a drive-by shooting at the homes of democrats after a Republican hired him.

Trujillo revealed that Solomon Peña hired him after failing to secure a state candidate seat in November 2022.

Multiple Democratic officials’ residences in Albuquerque were attacked over the following weeks after Peña hired him.

Demetrio Trujillo

Republican Candidate Rejects Charges

Peña denies the charges leveled against him and faces trial in June.

Trujillo, 42, admitted to conspiracy, election interference, and firearm use in a plea deal.

Prosecutors stated that Peña paid Trujillo in December 2022 to intimidate three former election candidates by shooting at their homes.

New Mexico Legislation

Peña, who lost the election, claimed the vote was rigged and pressured Democrats to overturn the results, echoing themes from former President Trump’s election fraud claims.

Since the drive-by shootings, New Mexico lawmakers passed legislation that makes it a state felony to intimidate election officials.

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