TikTok CEO & Senator Clash Over Company Ties To China

TikTok’s CEO claimed the company has no ties to the Chinese government as he was not a Chinese citizen.

In a face-to-face rebuttal, Senator Tom Cotton repeatedly asked the CEO, Shou Zi Chew, about his affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party, to which Mr. Chew responded repeatedly by saying he was Singaporean, not Chinese.

TikTok CEO Rejects Being CCP Members

According to the video published by the BBC, Senator Tom Cotton asks Mr. Chew, “Of which nation are you a citizen?”.

Chew responds by saying he is a Singaporean and has no other citizenship.

Chew also says he has served his country for two and a half years.

Despite Mr. Chew repeatedly claiming that he is not a citizen of any other nation, the Senator keeps asking him the same question.

In this minute-long exchange, Mr. Chew gets frustrated and, in the end, says, “No Senator, Again, I am Singaporean.”

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