Drone Strike on Base Kills Three US Troops Inside Jordan

Three US troops have been killed in a drone strike that targeted a US military base in Jordan.

Thirty-four other soldiers were injured in the attack on the military base known as Tower 22, located in northeastern Jordan.

The White House said the drone was carried out by Iranian-backed militias based in Iraq.

First Casualty

This is the first time American lives have been lost in the Middle East since a terrorist group attacked Israel on 7 October.

The casualties will put more pressure on the Biden administration amid mounting calls for a ceasefire in the Middle East.

US President Joe Biden said he would account for all those responsible for the loss of precious American lives.

The military base known as Tower 22

Will The US Respond?

Mr. Biden pointedly said that the US will respond at a time of the US choosing.

Political experts agree that such a senior is possible, considering a recent high-level meeting that took place involving Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Biden is already struggling domestically.

That’s why he may opt for a precise attack instead of an all-out war with Iran.

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