WWE Boss Vince McMahon Quits After Sex-Trafficking Allegations

Vince McMahon, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) boss has resigned from his position as the head of the organization after a former employee accused him of sex trafficking.

A former employee at the WWE said McMahon and another executive assaulted and trafficked her to other men as CEO.

WWE Boss Resigns

According to the BBC, the WWE boss and his colleague executive John Laurinaitis resigned over allegations they deemed false.

The accuser Janel Grant said both the gentlemen exploited her sexually as the company wanted to secure talent deals.

The current president of WWE president Nick Khan confirmed Mr. McMahon’s resignation.

McMahon & John Denies Accusations

Both McMahon and John denied the accusations leveled against them by their former employee.

“I stand by my prior statement that Ms Grant’s lawsuit is replete with lies”, McMahon said.

His resignation from the WWE was out of respect as he thought the legal proceedings could harm the organization.

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