US To Proceed With First Nitrogen Gas Execution in 25 Years

Alabama is set to become the first US state to execute an inmate with nitrogen gas in 25 years.

The controversial decision was made by the federal judges of Alabama, who were not convinced that the method violates the US Constitution.

First Nitrogen Execution

Kenneth Eugene Smith is set to become the first inmate to die with nitrogen gas on Thursday. Smith was convicted in 1989 for the murder-for-hire of Elizabeth Sennett.

Smith was due to be executed in 2022 via lethal injection, but the prison staff couldn’t find his vein.

Now Smith has 30 hours to live, after which he’ll be executed via nitrogen gas. 

Alabama Approved Nitrogen in 2018

Since the primary method of lethal injection has become increasingly difficult, Alabama approved the use of nitrogen hypoxia for executions in 2018.

Smith is set to become the first person to be put to death with this novel method in the US, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

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