Canadian 99 Year Old Swimmer Set Three Records

betty brussel

The Canadian woman who is 99-year-old has set three records in a competition.

The swimming enthusiast Betty Brussel broke three records at the Victoria Masters Swim Club Meet at the Commonwealth Pool in Saanich, B.C, Canada.

Brussel at the age of 99, is a multiple world record holder in swimming and expects to do so as she doesn’t have any health complications.

Betty Brussel

Brussel was born on July 28, 1924, wears a hearing aid and has had a pacemaker since a heart attack 25 years ago.

She lives independently, drives herself to swim twice a week, and maintains a positive outlook on life.

The Documentary

Two filmmakers Hannah Walsh and Emma Puchniak are currently working on a documentary about Betty Brussel which is expected to be released next year.

Brussel’s husband died a few years ago and since then pool has become a life to her.

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