Cat Dies In Russia After Train Conductor Throws It Out

A cat has died after it was thrown out of a train by the conductor.

The conductor threw out the cat to a freezing temperature outside the train and people are calling for the prosecution of the man responsible.

The state-owned railway company RZhD apologized to the owners of a cat which had escaped from the travel crate.


Train Conductor Mistook The Cat

According to local reports, the male cat named Twix belonged to two passengers traveling on the train.

The female train conductor reportedly mistook the male cat for a stray but that seems to be an unreasonable explanation.

Twix was dumped into the snow in Kirov on 11 January and his dead body was later found by volunteers.

70,000 People Call For Criminal Investigation

After the news of the disappearance of Twix spread, hundreds of volunteers worked hard to locate the dead body.

The dead body was found on Saturday, and later identified by its owners.

Around 70,000 people have signed a petition calling for criminal proceedings against the conductor.

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