50,000 Veterans Used Free Suicide Prevention Program in 2023

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, nearly 50,000 veterans have received emergency suicide prevention program in the first year of tis launch.

The department said free emergency suicide care was provided, saving $64 million in costs to the veterans.

Free Veteran Care

The Department of Veteran Affairs introduced a new policy in January 2023.

The policy permits eligible veterans in acute suicidal crises to seek cost-free emergency care at any VA or non-VA health care facility.

Covering emergency room, inpatient or crisis residential care (up to 30 days), and outpatient care (up to 90 days), the initiative has seen 49,714 veterans’ benefit, saving over $64 million in health care expenses.

More Suicide Deaths

The US lost more soldiers to suicide than dying the battlefield, according to the department.

After 9/11, more than 30,000 veterans have died by suicide, four times as compared to 7,057 U.S. military personnel killed at the time in conflicts.

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