Fake Call of Fire At The White House Causes Panic

Multiple units from Washington’s Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department rushed to the White House when they received a 911 call.

The call, which was fake, falsely told 911 that there was a fire inside the White House with a person trapped.

The call was traced to a fake number, with reasons unknown at the moment.

Another Swatting Incident

The incident was yet another swatting incident that has been reported repeatedly in the US. Swatting calls are those where a person reports a crime to force police officials to come to a certain location.

The same happened to emergency services when they reached White House on Monday, realizing it was a fake call.

The Secret Service said if there was any fire at the White House it would have been detected well before the call.

According to media reports, President Joe Biden was not present at the White House during the incident.

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