Blow To Russian Military As Ukraine Shots Down Key Spy Plane

The Ukrainian military has said they have shot down a key Russian spy plane over the sea of Azov.

Ukrainian Army chief Gen Valerii Zaluzhnyi said the military successfully shot down the Russian A-50 long range radar detection aircraft.

Military analysts suggest that the downing of the plane is a big blow to the Kremlin, as the aircraft is considered one of the most classified planes in the Russian arsenal.

Ukraine Shots Key Spy Plane

The aircraft known as the A-50 is known for detecting air defense systems from hundreds of miles away without being seen in the air.

The UK’s Ministry of Defense has said that Russia only had six operational A-50s with each one costing millions of dollars to develop.

The BBC said it talked to a war specialist from the defense think tank Rusi, Justin Bronk, who said that the loss will be an embarrassment for the Russian military.

Justin told the BBC that Russia had “only a small number” of these planes, with very few trained mission crews.

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