NASA Reveals Plane That Flies 1.4 Times The Speed of Sound

NASA has unveiled an experimental aircraft that can travel 1.4 times the speed of sound.

The plane is designed in such a way that it’ll not produce the sonic boom typically noticed in aircraft that fly at the speed of sound.

The aircraft stands 99.7 feet (30.4 meters) long and 29.5 feet wide, with an average speed of 925 miles per hour.

The Plane is Quieter

The plane is called the X-59 Quesst or the Quiet SuperSonic Technology has the potential to revolutionize the aviation industry once and for all.

The plane is quieter, which means “designed to break the sound barrier without the thunderous sonic booms that typically occur when aircraft go supersonic,” wrote.

The engineers positioned the cockpit almost halfway down the length in order to enhance the aircraft’s supersonic capabilities.

NASA said the X-59 plane is set to take its first flight this year and then its first quiet supersonic flight after that.

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